I have been practicing yoga since 2008, and have been 200hr RYT certified since 2013.  Yoga offers such a wonderful mind/body/spirit experience of breath-directed movement.  The focus of the mind on the breath as you move from pose to pose, allows yoga to be a type of moving meditation.  My personalized approach can make your yoga practice be whatever you need it to be: relaxing, invigorating, calming, grounding, or stimulating.

I offer hour-long private 1:1 sessions or small group sessions of up to 3 people.  These are hands-on sessions, where you will experience adjusting/healing touch in postures and pampering during Savasana.  I love setting the mood for relaxation and healing.  Singing bowls, essential oils, and singing mantras are regular happenings as well.

If you have never experienced yoga before, or have never been taught the basics, I will teach you basic poses, proper technique, and breath control.  If you are a more experienced yogi, I will guide you into a deeper practice with intensity and awareness.

If you’d like me to come teach yoga to a larger group, in a location you arrange, I am available for that too.

Private sessions: $50/hr

⤇Bring a friend and save!⤆

Private Small Group sessions: $40/hr each (2 people), $30/hr each (3 people)

*Off-site Large Group Yoga Class: $40/hr (up to 15 people +$2 per person after 15)

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*Arrangement of payments for off-site yoga will be made upon scheduling.