Oh how I love the power of meditation!! It can calm and ground any storm in a persons mind.  I have been practicing meditation on and off since 2010, and am still ever learning and growing in what meditation means for me.  I have experience teaching small group and private meditation sessions, and would love to guide you in your experience.

Sessions are a half hour, and will be mantra focused or a fully guided meditation, focusing on the breath and the activity of the mind. Each session is personalized to the needs of the individual or group and will vary from session to session.  Sessions can be completely private, or I can accommodate groups up to 10 people.

Private Sessions: $25

*Group Sessions: $15 each (for 2 people), $10 each (3), $8 each (4-5), $5 each (6+)

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*These sessions require cash or check payment at time of arrival.