Belief Coaching

Have you ever heard the adage, “Your thoughts lead to actions”?

How about, “Beliefs ➛ Thoughts ➛ Emotions ➛ Actions ➛ Results”?

Our thoughts are the powerful pivotal point of what we create in our lives, or what shows up for us, and what is manifested.  And the majority of our thoughts are habitually trained thoughts from beliefs that we have about ourselves, or emotionally charged experiences from our childhood.  Unless, you have spent your life trying to become aware of your thoughts and emotions, and then choosing to change the patterns as they happen – chances are, you are running on old programming and you are not manifesting the life you want!

Allow me to be your guide, as you look inward, become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, and subsequent actions.  We will look closely at what beliefs may be underlying the thoughts/feelings, and how they can be addressed.  We can incorporate Psych-k into our sessions to change those beliefs as we identify them, in order to more fully support you as you strive to be more clear in your thoughts – allowing you to get the results you desire.

You will leave our hour-long sessions with homework, and will report back on your experiences at follow-up sessions.  You will gain a deeper understanding of how the world works, and what you can do to improve your experience of it. You will learn that what you focus on, expands – and I am here to help you focus on what you want!

In order for you to get the most out of belief coaching, it is set up as a 12-week program.

Initial session: $0 – free consultation

12-week program: $50 per session (paid individually); $570 if paid in full

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