Have you checked out the About Psych-K page?  There’s so much info on the linked website for you to browse and learn.

Belief Coaching is a great foundation for Psych-K, as you will dive into greater awareness of your limiting thoughts and beliefs.  However, if you feel the desire to just dive in to changing your limiting beliefs in order to build the support for what you want, Psych-K is great to do on its own.

We will spend an entire hour testing limiting beliefs and balancing for supportive ones.  If you don’t know the exact limiting belief, its okay.  You don’t have to.  If you know the emotion or feelings being brought up, we can discuss that and come up with statements together.  And if there isn’t a specific emotion, but rather situations you don’t love that repeat themselves in your life, we can create balances for them too. I love to use intuition to key in on the deeper issues surrounding everyday struggles.

Each Psych-K is completely individualized, and personalized each time we meet.  We will discuss and determine the most pressing and relevant concerns for you in that moment, and work from there.  You will leave our sessions feeling lighter, more hopeful, and definitely more calm and peaceful than you came.

Psych-K Session: Pay via cash, check, or PayPal.

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